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About Me

Senior Nuke Compositor/Lighter and Project Lead 

I am a senior compositor/lighter and  project lead in the film, television and commercials Industry. I am also currently learning and working in Unreal 5. Making movies, learning about visual effects techniques and software are a few of my passions. I hope to continue growing my compositing and general visual effects skills on more challenging and creative films in the future.

What I do

Ability to run and oversee artists on film, television and advertisement projects from initial bid to final delivery. Excellent attention to detail when finalizing, approving or quality controlling shots. Take direction from the project supervisor to help realize the vision of the shots through all departments. Strong knowledge of Nuke. I am also a Houdini lighting artist and  build landscapes in Houdini using Height fields. I have recently also started building environments in Unreal 5.
Compositing 2D\3D | Deep Compositing | Keying | BG prep | Paint-out | Roto | 3D Particles | 3D Projection | 2D\3D Tracking| Matte Painting | Grading | Lookdev | Finishing shots.
Houdini Lighting Artist
Editing a Movie



Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours, Visual Effects, Cum Laude

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